Solar Energy

Human civilisation has long enjoyed the economic benefits from using fossil fuels to power economies dating back to the industrial revolution. The continued use of those non-renewable energy resources are beginning to have a detrimental effect on the environment as numerous scientific studies have shown irrefutable mounting evidence linking carbon emissions to rising global temperatures. Drastic measures have to be taken before we cross the point of no return where climate change becomes irreversible. As such, the world came together on November 2017 when the Paris Agreement was put into power, with countries pledging their commitment to reduced carbon emissions and adoption of more sustainable solutions.


As countries start to introduce carbon tax on energy providers and subsidies and rebates for renewable energy adopters, there has never been a better time for businesses to shift to renewable energy and enjoy its benefits in the long run. As such, CUTECH has launched the Solar Energy Business Initiative to help businesses with the shift and respective countries to achieve their reduced carbon emissions goals.

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